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In the Spring of 2004, GlayMarie had an idea for a story about the adventures of a Ladybug who retires from teaching, packs her bags and does what she's always dreamed of doing - to travel and discover first hand the many wonders of the great Lone Star State... Texas! As Lily the Ladybug begins her travels, she has all sorts of zany and interesting experiences which she records every evening in her diary. The story is entertaining and educational! Check back here often for information on the release of GlayMarie's THE LONE STAR LADYBUG.

Well, it was this story that spawned the idea of GlayMarie appearing as The Lone Star Ladybug Lady and educating children about the usefulness of ladybugs. And then she became just The Lone Star Ladybug to help children learn all about Texas and just how special The Lone Star State really is. Whether or not you're a native Texan, you'll agree that Texas is just doggone special! AND did you know that the tiny little ladybug plays a very BIG role in Texas tree farming? Viola! The The Lone Star Ladybug !

A native Houstonian, The Lone Star Ladybug is proud to be a 6th generation Texan!! That means that her parents, her grandparents, her great grandparents, her great-great Grandparents, AND her great-great-great Grandparents were ALL native Texans!!! In fact, her Texas ancestors settled a portion of west-central Texas during the 1800's. Pretty cool! Huh?

When she visits your school or classroom, The Lone Star Ladybug will enchant you and your classmates with treasured Texas trivia AND some amazing facts about ladybugs. She'll also sing some new silly songs to get your toes to tappin'. And your teacher will get to keep some souvenirs for your class to enjoy all year long, including a song CD and a MY TEXAS audio book written by children's author, and GlayMarie's best friend, Charlotte Siegmund .

The Lone Star Ladybug hopes to see ya real soon!

Happy Texas Trails!

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